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Table Talk

A Day of Insight & Perspective From a Cohort of Like-Minded Individuals

We all love the freedom of running our own businesses, but let's be honest — it can get a little lonely at times, especially if you don't have anyone to turn to for help, support, and advice.

Nice Venues in Great Cities — The Whittington Suite, Bath UK

Wouldn't it be great to spend the day discussing your ideas, challenges, and roadblocks with a group of like-minded people? That's where Table Talk comes in.

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What is Table Talk?

Table Talk is a full-day facilitated workshop designed to help you gain perspective and insight from a curated cohort of like-mindeded entrepreneurial individuals. People like you facing the daily challenge of building businesses on their own terms. The format is simple but designed to give every participant an equal opportunity to share and learn from the group.

How it Works

Every participant (max of 12 per workshop) has the floor for 30 minutes. You can use it to present an idea you're mulling over, a challenge you're facing, or ask a question to the group. Expect to be honest, open and receptive to feedback.

After everyone has had their turn, we'll go round the table and commit to a next step. Thirty days later, we'll reconvene virtually to check in on progress.

How Can I Use My 30 Minutes?

You can use your Table Talk time however you want. Perhaps to share a project you're working on, discuss a roadblock you are facing, or ask for help with a leadership issue you are experiencing; it's entirely up to you.

Here are just some examples of how previous attendees contributed:

  • Shared their experience of selling their business
  • Asked for feedback on a new SasS app they were thinking of building
  • Disucssed the challenge of marketing their services
  • Opened up about how hard they have found growing their company
  • Gave a retrospective of what went well and what didn't over the last year
  • Asked the question, "should I hire?"

What's in it for You?

  • A day to talk, listen, and reflect in a nice venue in a great city
  • An opportunity to meet like-minded people building businesses on their own terms
  • A safe space to share ideas, discuss your challenges, and learn from others free of judgement
  • Up to 11 fresh perspectives on an idea, issue, or roadblock you are facing
  • Accountability to make a positive change to your business

What's Included?

  • A seat with your name on at a Table Talk workshop
  • Breakfast on arrival
  • All-day refreshments
  • Locally sourced buffet style lunch
  • An invite to the 30-day online follow-up session

What's the Cost?

Tickets are limited to 12 per workshop and will range from £150‐£200 + VAT depending on location (some cities are more expensive than others to host events).

Who's it For?

Table Talk is open to anyone interested in building and growing a business. You'll probably get more from the event if you own, run, or work in a creative, digital, or ecommerce business or identify as a soloist, founder, or business owner.

Not sure if you fit the bill then why not get in touch and let's find out.

Your Host

Hello! I'm Keir Whitaker, a UK-based marketer, business advisor and event host who specialises in working with creative, digital, and ecommerce businesses.

Hosting duties at Craft+Work — My intimate event for founders, business owners, and entrepreneurs

I've been involved in the tech and ecommerce scene for the past 20 years. From working independently to collaborating with agencies, big corporations, and startups (including an exciting 7-year stint at Shopify). I've experienced many successes and failures that taught me invaluable lessons. Today, I channel this knowledge and expertise into helping clients across the globe.

Since leaving Shopify, I've worked with dozens of creative agencies, SaaS companies, consultants, founders and soloists to help them find their voice, create customer-focused content and host high ROI events.

You can learn more about my background and expertise on my about page.

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Table Talk is a curated event to ensure a diverse mix of perspectives and backgrounds. To apply to join one of our workshops, please register your interest by completing our short survey.

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