1‐1 Coaching

It doesn't have to be lonely at the top

Running a business as a solo founder or leading a team on your own can be very lonely — especially if you don't have anyone on hand to listen, support, and offer critical feedback.

There are big highs and crushing lows. The responsibility can feel overwhelming and stressful. Indecision and inertia can become paralysing. If this feels familiar, then maybe working with a coach is for you.

Not sure if you're a great fit for my coaching service? Read my take on the key characteristics of a solo founder on my blog.

How Coaching Helps You

Since starting my own one-person business in 2019, I've worked with solo founders and leaders who sought support in answering questions like:

  • Things are great, but could they be better?
  • I'm ready to give it all up! What should I do?
  • How do I decide which direction to take my business?
  • I feel so stressed, but I don't know what to change!
  • How can I introduce a more accountable work culture?
  • How do I measure my team's performance effectively?
  • How can I prevent my team from feeling burned out and unmotivated?
  • How can I get better at delivering feedback to my team?
  • How should I structure my regular 1‐1's?
  • Should we conduct annual employee reviews?

In our first few sessions together, we'll start to identify what's holding you back. We will plan a way forward, and I'll support you as you progress. Coaching isn't about "telling you what to do" but helping you find the best path.

How it Works

Coaching is not for everyone. It's challenging, often uncomfortable, and a bit scary. You'll need to be prepared to try new things, break long-standing habits, and embrace different ways of thinking. If it's time to change, then let's get started!

  • Begin by completing my new client survey as openly and honestly as possible. Your answers and insights will help guide our initial conversations.
  • After receiving your survey, I'll get back to you within 24 hours to arrange a convenient time for our initial no-obligation consultation
  • After our introductory call, and assuming a good fit, we'll agree to an initial three-month collaboration
  • I'll send you my simple agreement to sign along with your first invoice, and then we'll get to work
  • We'll then meet 1-1 regularly (cadence TBC) via Zoom or Google Meet
  • We'll use the first few sessions to discuss your key challenges and set objectives for our work together.
  • At the end of our initial three-month engagement, we'll review progress and work out the best way forward

You can learn more in my client FAQ.


My 1-1 coaching service is £2,250 + VAT (if applicable) per month. This is a set fee based on access and not hours.

My coaching service includes

  • An in-depth kick-off session to assess where you are now and discuss where you want to be
  • Regular 1‐1 coaching sessions
  • Anytime access via Slack and email
  • Quarterly review sessions to chart progress

Full logistical details are outlined in my client FAQ.

Next Steps

If you need help and support, and you think I can help, let's start a conversation. Click the button below and fill out my survey. After receiving it, I'll be in touch to book your free, no-obligation 60-minute consultation.

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