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Transformative events focused on building better businesses

Craft+Work is an event series that brings together founders, business owners, and entrepreneurs to share experiences, learn from each other and prove that there is no right way to build and grow a business. It's for those open to new ideas, new ways of thinking, and keen to hear how others have done "their thing, their way".

Whether you're new to your role, a seasoned pro, or are thinking about taking the leap Craft+Work is a supportive and engaging environment for individuals to learn, get inspired, and meet new people who are striving to build better businesses.

2024 Schedule

Our goal is to visit all parts of the UK and Ireland along with a trip to the USA for a full-day event in 2024. We are currently researching venues in Exeter, Cardiff, Milton Keynes, Birmingham, Norwich, Leeds, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Belfast, Dublin, and New York City. If you are interested in helping host a Craft+Work event please get in touch and let's talk.

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What is Craft+Work?

Craft+Work is an opportunity to hear other entrepreneurs stories, gain insights, and discuss the challenges you face with a group of like-minded people.

The London 2023 Craft+Work Cohort

Each event has 50 seats which results in an intimate, friendly, and safe space to dig into things together. If you enjoy meeting new people, learning from your peers, and want to build a better business, then Craft+Work is for you.

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What Did You Miss?

50 people, 6 inspiring talks, and 100's of insights. Find out what happened at the inaugural Craft+Work event.

Read the Report →

Hear what Gian Maria, Ian, Kendra, Krissie and Rosie thought about the inaugural full-day event that took place in London in June 2023.

What Happens at Craft+Work?

Craft+Work comes in two flavours, evening sessions (we call these Locale's) and full-day workshops (simply titled Craft+Work). Each event will feature some, or all, of the following elements:

  • Networking

    Enjoy a pre or post event conversation, exchange a business card, or ink a deal with fellow attendees all whilst enjoying some food and drink

  • Group Discussions

    We'll dig into the topics that are affecting your business and personal development and see where it take us

  • Hot Seats

    Your chance to come to the front, sit on a stool, and dig into a topic of your choosing with your host

  • Presentations

    Short, focused, and personal insights from invited experts followed by a group Q & A session

  • Roundtables

    Small group discussions centred around two or three key questions. A great opportunity to meet new people and gain new perspectives.

As we grow and develop the series we'll iterate based on what works and what doesn't.

Who is it For?

Craft+Work is open to anyone interested in building and growing a business. That said you'll probably get the more from the event if you own, run, or work in a digital or creative business or identify with one or more of the following roles.

Digital Business

Maybe you sell your products and services online or perhaps you run a SaaS business. Either way you're clients and customers come through the ether and you're always on the lookout for ways to improve your processes, generate leads, and find efficiencies through people and technology.

Creative Business

Your creativity supports other businesses. Whether you create killer copy, make the logo bigger, or provide strategic expert support you work on projects for clients. You're keen to learn how others pitch, charge, and stop trading time for money.


You founded and run your own business full-time. Most likely, you're a solo founder doing all the things (and more) and are using contractors or building out a team to deliver the work.


You love doing the work but probably don't enjoy the other aspects of doing your own thing. You wonder how other freelancers fill the pipeline and stay motivated. It's time to find out.


You're in the business of selling your knowledge and expertise to help other businesses grow and develop. You're always on the lookout for new ideas, opportunities, and ways to improve.


You're employed and more than happy to be so. You're working hard to build up your domain expertise and are keen to get insights into what makes other professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs tick.


You might be new to leadership and seeking insights from those who have been doing it a while. Or perhaps you're a seasoned leader in need of new perspectives and different ways of working with your team.

Future Entrepreneur

You're currently working for someone else but are seriously considering taking the leap to do your own thing. You're keen to learn more about what it takes to build a successful business.

Not sure if you fit the bill then why not get in touch and let's find out.


Topics will focus on personal growth and professional development. We'll likely cover many of the following areas but may well venture into unknown territories, but that's part of the fun.

  • Branding

    How can we leverage the power of branding to differentiate our businesses and leave a lasting impression on our clients and customers?

  • Clients & Customers

    What strategies can we use to attract, retain and delight our clients and customers?

  • Leadership

    How can we become better leaders and help nurture creativity, foster innovation, and guide our teams to unprecedented success?

  • Marketing

    How do we make sense of competing marketing strategies and tactics to produce campaigns that really resonate with our clients and customers?

  • Positioning

    How do we position our businesses to gain a competitive edge and connect with our ideal clients and customers?

  • Pricing

    From double your rate Fridays to goldilocks pricing and beyond. There are so many ways to price your products and services, but what really works? Let’s find out together.

  • Remote Work

    Is remote work a threat to team culture, is it a fad, will we prosper or suffer from a lack of in-person connections? Remote work appears to be here to stay so how do we make it work?

  • Team Building

    How can we empower teams to drive creativity, collaborate effectively, and create impactful and profitable work?

  • Technology

    How do we leverage advances in technology like AI to help, not hinder, our businesses?


Here's what previous attendees had to say about their experience at Craft+Work.

The variety of topics covered was what most impressed me. Hearing stories about success, failure, and pivoting is always a winner for me.

Steve JonesCo-Founder at Union Works

I really enjoyed being in a room with people at the top of their game and listening to aspirational stories from skilled people in our industry.

Jenny McMillenProduct Manager at Eight

Keir brought together a great mix of people who opened up about their experiences, their successes, and the challenges they face running their businesses.

Ian RabbidgeFounder at Alvio

I found it really valuable to connect with a mix of people I did and didn't know including people I'd met on LinkedIn but had not had the chance to meet.

Tom LockeFounder at Noughts and Ones

I loved speaking about storytelling at Craft+Work. Small group, no slide decks, short off-the-cuff talks and lots of interaction. Perfectly pitched.

Kendra FutcherCopywriter at Writing+Thinking

With a cap of 40 people, Keir beautifully cultivated a community of creativity, vulnerability and education that was a privilege to be a part of.

Rosie HawkinsFounder at RedHawk Events

Hear what Gian Maria, Ian, Kendra, Krissie and Rosie thought about the inaugural full-day event that took place in London in June 2023.


Craft+Work events are made possible by the generous support of our Patrons. Financial support is put towards enhancing the attendee experience. Would you like to put your business, service or brand in front of a highly engaged audience?

If you'd like to learn more please get in touch via email and let's have a conversation.

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