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It doesn't have to be lonely at the top!

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Hello! My name's Keir Whitaker (that's me over there, trying to look professional). I'm a UK based coach working with solo founders of creative businesses — with a particular focus on the Shopify ecosystem.

I've been involved in tech & ecommerce 25+ years. I've worked for myself, in agencies, in big companies and in startups. I've had a few wins, made mistakes, and learned a tonne. Today I put this experience to good use helping clients across the world. Perhaps I can help you — book a free consultation and let's find out.

1‐1 Coaching

Coaching isn't for everyone — but it might be for you. My detailed coaching section outlines who benefits most from my services, the reasons why I might (or might not) be the right coach for you, ways we can work together, the costs and how you can reserve a no-obligation initial 60 minute consultation to discuss you and your business.

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2023 Workshops & Events

We all love the freedom of running our own business but let's be honest — it can get a little lonely at times, especially if you don't have a support group on tap. Wouldn't it be great to spend the day discussing your ideas, challenges, and roadblocks with a group of like-minded people? In 2023 I'm running a series of events to help us reconnect and learn together in person.

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Office Hours

In 2023 I'm on a mission to meet more people. If you're a solo founder, a leader, a consultant, and/or you work in the Shopify ecosystem and would like a chat then let's talk. There's only one catch — no product pitching (I'm probably not your audience anyway)! Let's talk business strategy, leadership, marketing, branding, Shopify, travel, backpacks, music — bring it on!

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Every now and again I put finger to keyboard and share my thoughts on coaching, marketing, entrepreneurship, ecommerce, Shopify and upcoming events and offers.

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  • Client Relations

    ‘Clients’ are a regular topic of conversation with my own coaching clients. Topics range from how to attract them, how to build good relationships with them, and ultimately how to deliver meaningful and impactful work for them.

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    In my spare time I’ve been hacking away at a new project. It’s a niche job board built especially for the Shopify ecosystem called Work With Shop.

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    Can being selfish with our vision produce better work?

  • Consultant, Mentor or Coach?

    I only started to embrace the term "coach" when others started to refer to me as such. But it wasn’t always that way!

  • Are You a Solo Founder?

    You might not think you’re a solo founder, but maybe it’s time to think again!


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