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Hello! I'm Keir (that's me over there looking far too serious)! I'm a UK-based business coach and founder of event series Craft+Work. I support Shopify-focused founders and entrepreneurs who are ready to invest in personal growth and business development. Learn how I can help you move your business forward.

Interested in learning how I ended up moving from coding to business coaching? Read my full back story for all the details.

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I share thoughts on marketing, entrepreneurship, running a small business, and tales from 25+ years at the "code face". The archive also contains my "9 Questions For…" interview series with founders, leaders, and entrepreneurs.

All my articles can be found in the archive.

Upcoming Events

Craft+Work is an intimate (only 50 participants per edition) event series that brings together freelancers, soloists, founders and small business owners to share experiences, learn from each other and prove that there is no right way to build and grow an ecommerce, digital, or creative business.

It's not your average sit and listen event. Expect to come and get involved in the conversation, share your ideas, and learn from others building businesses on their terms.

Our goal is to host events around the UK and Ireland and make a trip to the USA and Canada for full-day events in 2024. We are researching venues in Birmingham, Cardiff, Dublin, Exeter, Manchester, Milton Keynes, New York City, and Toronto. If you are interested in helping host a Craft+Work event, please get in touch and let's talk.

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Here's an overview of what I am focused on "right now". You can view all my "now" updates in the archive.

  • Checking all the logistics are ready for next week's first Craft+Work of the year in London.
  • Planning out a big push for my refreshed Business Coaching services.
  • Researching presenters for future Craft+Work events in NYC and Toronto
  • Reading Unreasonable Hospitality by Will Guidara and wondering how I can apply his insights to my own business

Last updated: 24th May 2024

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This is the web site of Keir Whitaker — I'm a UK-based business coach and founder of event series Craft+Work.

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