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I'm Keir Whitaker — I work in the Partnerships team at Shopify. You can my read latest blog posts, find out more about me & listen to the web industry podcast I co–host. You'll also find me on Twitter and Instagram.


A Bit of History

Photo of Keir Whitaker
Berlin — November 2015

I've been making a living with web technologies since 2000 and have held a variety of positions for both agencies and corporate organisations. I've also worked as a freelance web developer, technical consultant, and event curator.

Since 2012 I have been working at Shopify helping grow the Partner Program and building a community around designers and developers working with the platform. You can read a longer biography and find my full professional history on Linkedin.

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Latest Articles

I write on a wide variety of topics including web development, design, podcasting, culture, & more. You can view a full archive, browse by category, and subscribe to RSS updates.


The Back to Front Show

The Back to Front Show is a podcast hosted by myself and Kieran Masterton (AKA "The Kings of Silicon Gorge"). Together we've been working in the web industry for over 30 years. We've learned a few harsh lessons along the way, as well as enjoying a few successes.

The Back to Front Show
Your friendly Back to Front Show hosts — I am on the right standing on a box

Each episode sees us dive into the latest happenings in the web industry as well as "very occasional" off topic subjects including diner food, Skype etiquette, flowery Twitter bios, hipsters, and more. You'll find every episode archived on the Back to Front Show site. If you fancy a taster here's our recent 40th episode.


Conferences, Events & Workshops

Since 2011 I have spoken at a number of web conferences as well as devised and presented workshops focuing on Shopify theme building, the Liquid template language, ecommerce, working in the web industry, podcasting, and side projects. Feel free to email me if you would like me to participate in your event.

I also regularly host Shopify and ecommerce focused events around the world. Over the last three years we've visited London, Toronto, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Dublin, Belfast, Brooklyn, New York, Boston, Seattle, and more. Sign up to the Shopify Partner newsletter to find out where we'll be heading next.


Selected Articles

I regularly write articles and posts on topics including ecommerce, Shopify, and the web industry. Please get in touch if you would like me to contribute to your publication. A full article archive is also available.

Ecommerce Advice

The Ecommerce Customer Lifecycle

The Ecommerce Customer Lifecycle is a five part audio series with Ross Beyeler of GrowthSpark. The best way to look at it is as a series of questions to prime some deeper thinking and research. These questions focus on the five key areas of acquisition, conversion, fulfilment, retention and analytics.

Photo of Ross Beyeler of Growth Spark
The Ecommerce Customer Lifecycle Podcast — A 5 Part Audio Series with Ross Beyeler

You can find the audio series on SoundCloud as well as extensive notes for each episode on the Shopify Partner Blog.



Insites: The Book

In 2012 Elliot Jay Stocks and I published the 256 page "Insites: The Book" under our, now closed, Viewport Industries banner. The book featured 20 interviews with 21 of the web industries finest practitioners. Whilst all print copies sold out you can download the digital versions (epub, PDF — 75mb ZIP) for free.

Collection of images from Insites: The Book
Insties: The Book — Published in 2012