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Craft+Work London Report

Wednesday 19 July 2023Filed in: Events

At the end of June, I jumped back into the events game and it felt great. The first Craft+Work event took place on Friday, June 30th 2023, at the Tower Hill citizenM in London. 50 people attended, including agency and app founders, experts, and consultants — most working in the Shopify ecosystem.

The London 2023 Craft+Work Cohort

The day was focused on the craft (the skills and specialisms we strive to excel at) and the work (how we deliver it to our clients and customers). It was slightly different from your traditional conference.

Instead of replicating my full report here as a blog post, I encourage you to read my extensive write-up in the events section.

Craft+Work header

What Did You Miss?

50 people, 6 inspiring talks, and 100's of insights. Find out what happened at the inaugural Craft+Work event.

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"Craft+Work London Report" was written by Keir Whitaker — I'm a UK-based coach working with founders, leaders and experts running digital and creative businesses. Why not book a free coaching consultation, learn about upcoming events or subscribe to my newsletter.

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