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Publishing Prices Online

Monday 18th December 2023

One topic that comes up a lot during my coaching sessions is whether or not to publish prices online — particularly for those who offer consulting, advisory and expert services.

Let's have a look at three pros and three cons.

3 Pros

  1. Transparent pricing builds trust and shows confidence in the value we are offering
  2. Having set prices saves the overhead of having to create a custom proposal for every potential client
  3. Showcasing pricing will help a potential buyer understand the initial investment required and potentially reduce "tire kicker" enquiries

3 Cons

  1. Your "competitors" know your rates
  2. You might lose potential clients who don't fit neatly into the offers you create
  3. You're leaving "money on the table" as some clients are willing/able to invest more in your services

There are many more, of course. A happy medium I often see is:

  1. One-off fixed fee service with price — e.g. audit, consultancy call, or coaching session
  2. Productised service with price — e.g. a set number of sessions, a workshop and recommendations report, or a monthly highly scoped retainer
  3. Custom offer with "book a discovery call to discuss."

This has the benefit of showcasing the "ballpark" you play in, allows a lightweight fixed-cost way for a new client to work with you, and leaves the door open to offer more bespoke solutions and pricing.

What do you think? Do you publish prices online? What's worked, what's not?Comment on Linkedin

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