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Image for Jody Edgar

Jody Edgar

For this interview we're heading over the Atlantic to chat with Jody Edgar, CEO of Sunbowl Systems in beautiful Vancouver.

02 June 2023
Image for Luca Cartechini

Luca Cartechini

For this interview we're back heading to London to chat with Luca Cartechini, AC Milan fanatic and Co-founder and CEO of Shop Circle.

15 March 2023
Image for Tom Locke

Tom Locke

For this interview we're sticking in your editor's geographical region to speak with Tom Locke — founder of Bristol-based agency Noughts & Ones.

21 February 2023
Image for Andy Cargill

Andy Cargill

In this interview I catch up with digital nomad Andy Cargill — Founder & CEO of Shopify app development company Zapiet.

13 February 2023
Image for Jenny McMillen

Jenny McMillen

This week we chat with our second Lancastrian Jenny McMillen — Product Manager at Shopify themes and apps-focused company Eight.

25 January 2023
Image for Deb Mecca

Deb Mecca

This week we meet Deb Mecca — Long time Shopify Partner, Miami resident and Director of Marketing of LTV SaaS Growth Fund.

18 January 2023
Image for Craig Cooper

Craig Cooper

In this interview I speak to Craig Cooper — Amateur Fencer and Chief Dogsbody at Archer Cooper. Just don't call him a CEO!

06 January 2023
Image for Björn Forsberg

Björn Forsberg

In this interview, we meet Björn Forsberg — a Denmark-based self-taught Shopify developer who left the world of Business Analysis behind to build award-winning apps.

21 December 2022
Image for Caitlin Teed

Caitlin Teed

In this interview I chat with Caitlin Teed — a cat-loving Ontarian and Partner Manager at Ryder Ecommerce by Whiplash.

12 December 2022
Image for Kieran Masterton

Kieran Masterton

In this interview I chat with Kieran Masterton — a UK-based Shopify app developer, technical consultant, retro-tech aficionado and fellow Shopify alum.

01 December 2022
Image for Your Basket is Empty Podcast

Your Basket is Empty Podcast

I recently joined Tim Richardson for a chat on his podcast Your Basket is Empty.

11 March 2021

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