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I Failed to Join The Dead Broets Society

Issue: 003Dec 21, 2023

Hello 👋,

Welcome to those of you who have recently subscribed. If you'd like to catch up on what you missed, here's an online version of Issue 2.

I hope you don't mind but I thought I'd put the blatant marketing section of the email at the top for once! Here it is 👇!

If you're looking to kickstart your business in 2024 then consider enrolling into my new 13 week accountability and coaching program COMMIT -A. I'm looking to work with two more soloists in Q1. If that's you let's chat.

Right, back to the regular content!

Linkedin (Again)

I made another attempt to master LinkedIn recently. I tried it all, one-line paragraphs, carefully selected emoji, a bit of shared knowledge and to what end? I’ll tell you what — silence!

It appears my membership of the Dead Broets Society is still a long way off. It’s a salient reminder to try harder and hit return more often.

The post, well, that was about publishing your prices online. Got an opinion? Please (go on, just for the stats) leave a comment 🙂.

9 Questions For…Marc Thiele

In the next edition of 9 Questions For… we hear from Marc Thiele, the one-man band behind my favourite events of the year beyond tellerrand.

If you’re planning your event schedule for 2024, I strongly suggest you check out his Düsseldorf and Berlin editions.

Question of the Week

Last issue I asked:

Q: What's one thing you "know" you should be doing in your business but aren't?

I had a few replies (more always welcome), and the overarching response was “marketing”.

Everyone sees "marketing" a bit differently, but one thing seems clear — many of our businesses aren't connecting with the people who could really benefit from what we offer.

If you’re a soloist, how do you approach marketing? OK, that’s not the question of the week, but I am curious.

This week, I’d like to ask:

Q: Do you send your clients gifts?

As always, hit reply and let me know.

Three From Me: Business Podcasts

Here are three of my favourite business-related podcasts.

  1. 2Bobs — Billed as “Conversations on the art of creative entrepreneurship with David C. Baker and Blair Enns”.
  2. Acquired — I was first introduced to this podcast by a friend who reliably informed me that although some episodes stretch to 3 hours (yes, you read that right), I’d love it. He wasn’t wrong. If I may suggest, start with this episode.
  3. The Great Fail —A very well-researched podcast that asks how some of the most successful brands, companies, and ideas fall flat on their face.

What am I missing out on?

This will be the last edition of 2023. I’ll be attempting to take a break until the new year and will be back in your inboxes on Thursday 4th January.

However you choose to spend the holiday season I wish you all the best.

Thanks for reading,

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