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Do You Love or Loathe Linkedin?

Issue: 002Dec 7, 2023


Welcome to new subscribers. If you'd like to catch up on what you missed, here's Issue 1.

In other news, I've been a little more active on Linkedin lately, and it's been interesting. It certainly seems the most appropriate place to publish and start work related conversations these days.

The more you dig in, the more you see trends — for example, one-sentence paragraphs seem all the rage (or is that just the people I follow)?

Do you love it, hate it, avoid it at all costs? (see what I did there!)

If you do peruse the feed, consider chiming in on my post from earlier this week in which I ask if the word "home" is redundant in web site navigation. If you're under 35, you might wonder what I'm on about — the Web 1.0 veterans will understand!

New Interview Series

In addition to committing to sending out this newsletter twice a month, I've started to publish interviews with founders and solo entrepreneurs on my website.

It's called "9 Questions For…" and as the name suggests, each interview will feature the same nine questions. The questions might be the same, but the insights certainly aren't.

Rob Mills & Elliot Jay Stocks

The first two interviews are now live and feature:

  1. Rob Mills — Founder of content studio and consultancy Fourth Wall Content
  2. Elliot Jay Stocks — Designer, publisher, and author of the upcoming book Universal Principles of Typography

If you're interested in sharing your own entrepreneurial journey, head over to my online interview form and drop in your nine answers.

Question of the Week

I promise I do more than ask questions. That said, I do ask a lot of questions — it's a big part of being a business coach!

Moving on! In the last issue, I asked, "What's the one thing you wish you'd known before starting your entrepreneurial adventure?"

I had a number of great responses. Here's one that really resonated with me courtesy of Richard Davies — CEO of Eight:

I wish I had known how important it would be to step back more. Entrepreneur journeys, especially in the early stages, are just coal-faced slogs, and sometimes you can go in the wrong direction for too long. Entrepreneurs generally tend to be strong with vision, but when you're in build mode, it's very difficult to step back and check if you're on the right path. A well-timed dog walk (with a notepad) changed things for me, and I wish I had known that before I started.

Here's this week's question for you to ponder:

Q: What's one thing you "know" you should be doing in your business but aren't?

I'd love to know your answer (hit reply and let me know).

Three From Me: Mac Toolbar Apps

Next up in this series are my three favourite Mac toolbar apps (apologies to my friends out there using Windows and various Unix flavours).

  1. aText — You could say that aText is the cheaper alternative to Text Expander. While true, it's really not doing this app justice. At only $4.99 a year, it has all the power of its more expensive competitor, but at only ⅛ of the annual price. Great for email signatures, regular typos, code snippets, and more.
  2. Meeter — This has been a game-changer for me. Link Meeter up to one or more of your calendars, and never miss a call again. Clicking on the meeting link in the menu automatically opens the relevant app and allows you to sign in hassle-free.
  3. Rectangle — This handy tool allows you to move and resize windows in macOS using keyboard shortcuts or snap areas. There's a free and Pro version depending on your needs. I hardly exploit its full potential but couldn't live without the ability to "left half, right half" adjacent windows.

What am I missing out on?

I'll be hitting your inbox one more time before the festive period. See you in two weeks.

Thanks for reading,

PS: A quick link for the stationery lovers out there. Probably best to hide your wallet/check autofill isn't on before clicking! I warned you :)

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