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Robert Craven's Elevator Pitch

Friday 28 January 2022

Have you ever failed miserably at answering the question “what do you do?” I’ve been there. We fumble through a few buzz words, say “it’s hard to explain,” and quickly change the subject.

Watch “The Elevator Pitch” on YouTube

Having a clear pitch is essential yet stupidly hard. Robert Craven, Founder of Grow Your Digital Agency Initiative, has an approach I like a lot. He argues that the elevator pitch has four elements:

  1. We work with …
  2. Who has a problem with …
  3. What we do is …
  4. So that …

Easy, right? It’s more complicated than you think. It forces you to really be specific on the target audience, the problem you help with, and the outcomes you generate.

Here’s mine in the first person:

I work with Shopify focused agencies and app developers who have a problem positioning, pricing and promoting their services and apps. I help them define what they do, who they do it for, and devise the best way to promote this so that they can focus on serving their customers and clients, deliver their best work, and make a profit.

It, of course, gets more challenging if your business offers more than one skillset. Perhaps it’s OK to have more than one, and you pull out the most appropriate depending on the recipient.

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