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Hello! I'm Keir Whitaker. I work at Shopify & co-host The Back to Front Show podcast. I write about, and share links on, ecommerce, the web industry, podcasting & travel. Learn more about me and my recent work.

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The Show is Dead – Long Live the Show

Back in January 2013 Kieran and I launched the Back to Front Show — a podcast focusing on back and front end technologies. Since then, almost two and a half years ago, we have notched up 38 shows. Averaged out that’s just over one a month. Not bad — that is until I admit that we once billed it as a weekly show!

The last show was back in January. As I write this post it’s fast approaching mid May and despite our best efforts to dust off the Yeti’s we haven’t managed it. It’s been a fun ride but it feels right to admit that it probably won’t be back for a while. Let me explain. — Read full Article »

NY Times Cover — A nice post on the It's Nice That blog about how the artist JR created a 150-ft high image for The New York Times Magazine cover right in the heart of Manhattan. The video is worth two minutes of your time.

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Wow Wall — A nice post on the always interesting HelpScout blog about how Modify Watches uses a Wow page to showcase their exceptional customer service. On a side note they achieve a conversion rate of circa 30%! Industry standard is 2-3%! They must be doing something right.

Maqtoob — Online tool to help you find the best available tools to start and grow your business

Lazy: A Manifesto — An audio extract from Tim Kreider's book We Learn Nothing. I am sure you'll find yourself nodding along.

PaymentFont — A sleek webfont containing 95 icons of all main payment operators and methods

wwwhere — A curated list of resources and tools for people who make websites

Powerful Pointers for Your Presentations — A nice post on the Moo blog covering how to make your speaking engagements better

Vooza — A video comic strip about the startup world. Or as one fan wrote, "It's the 'Spinal Tap' of startups." I honestly haven't laughed this much for a long time. There's too many good ones to mention — enjoy.

Office Pod — Through their unique ability to be located both outside and inside buildings, OfficePOD's range of products offer unrivalled choice for those who need to make better use of their valuable real estate.