Keir Whitaker

Page updated: 25 July 2014


Photo Credit: Dan Edwards - taken at Reasons to be Creative 2013
Photo Credit: Dan Edwards - taken at Reasons to be Creative 2013

Hello, my name is Keir Whitaker. I’m the UK based Shopify Designer Advocate, co-host of The Back to Front Show podcast and occasionally I still get to call myself a web developer.


I have worked with Shopify since 2012 in the role of Designer Advocate. It’s a great company and I feel very privileged to be part of it. I am based in the UK but regularly travel to host workshops and participate at events and conferences in Europe, Canada and the USA.

Side Projects

In 2011 Elliot Jay Stocks and I started a small business as an umbrella for our joint side projects which we called Viewport Industries. in 2012 we published Insites: The Book and followed this in 2013 with a large format magazine called Digest. We have also run occasional small industry focused including Insites: The Tour and ConfShop.


In January Kieran Masterton and I launched a new podcast called The Back to Front Show. Every two weeks we try to get behind the mic and discuss topical news and an in-depth subject. It’s fun and people seem to enjoy it.


For much of 2011 I worked as freelance web developer, with a focus on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and WordPress.

From May 2011 until April 2012 I was honoured to work with the amazing team at Smashing Magazine on their Coding section. I helped curate and edit the articles that appeared weekly and was privileged to work with many amazing writers at the forefront of the web industry.

2008 – 2010 was spent working in a variety of roles at Carsonified (acquired in 2011), the UK based company well known for web focused events such as The Future of Web Design and The Future of Web Apps. I hosted and produced the podcast “Think Vitamin Radio” (site no longer active). The show made the shortlist for the annual .net awards two years running, which was nice. If asked I say it came joint second in 2010!

Prior to moving to the West Country in 2008 I worked at a small London web development agency with a focus on large scale data driven web applications as well as undertaking a variety of freelance projects. Before moving into web development full time I held a number of mostly web related positions in the NHS (National Health Service) in East London.