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I help Shopify focused agencies, app developers, and technology partners attract new customers, build their reputations, and grow profitable businesses

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Marketing Roadmap

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Improve your Shopify focused business with a unique, in–depth, research–focused marketing roadmap that will give you a fresh perspective on your business. Typically delivered in four weeks my Marketing Roadmaps have helped app development companies answer questions like:

"How do I get free users of my app to move onto a paid plan?"

And service agencies answer questions like:

"We've relied heavily on word–of–mouth but we need to embrace other forms of marketing, where should we start?"

Together we'll assess where you are now, where you'd like to be and devise a strategy to help you get there. Each roadmap is designed to be realistic, achievable, and measurable. I'll help you start increasing your marketing efforts incrementally and help you get the results you need.

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* Excludes travel and accomodation costs for full day workshop. Please read my section on expenses for further details.

What Others Have Said

Photo of Cat Hunter, Ecommerce Content Specialist

Keir brought his wealth of experience and knowledge to help plan the marketing strategy and roadmap for my Shopify apps. His insights have been invaluable in growing the business, and in a way that was perfectly tailored to my goals. Keir not only brings his wealth of knowledge, but his great personality and humour. A pleasure to work with.Björn Forsberg — Founder, FORSBERG+two

Still Have Questions?

Q: How will your report help me?
My roadmap reports are tailoerd to you and your business. Through our conversations I'll get a feel for the kind of activities you are comfortable with, the resources you have to complete them, and what needs to be done in order for you to get started on a regular cadence of marketing.
Q: Do you cover all forms of marketing?
Yes! Recent reports have looked at everything from content and guides, to podcasts and events. On our initial discover call we'll establish the kind of activities you like, discuss ones you might not have considered, and rule ones out that just aren't for you. Every company is different and therefore every Roadmap is unique.
Q: What exactly does location dependent mean?
Simply that it "depends" on where you are based to whether or not I am able to meet you in person for the full day workshop. If this proves impractical we'll replace it with a series of video calls.
Q: Can you help us "do" the marketing activities you recommend?
In order to provide the best consultancy services I can, I no longer have capacity to engage in content and marketing creation. However, I work with a trusted network of talented marketers who I will happily introduce you to.

Still got questions? Please get in touch and I'll get right back with the answers.

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