Consultancy Packages

There's No Such Thing as a Typical Engagement

After trying out various approaches to pitching, pricing, and productising my services I realised that everyone has different needs. However, it became clear that most engagements fall into one of the following four formats.

If you'd like to learn more about any of the options below, or chat about how I can help your business then let's talk.

Consultancy Call

£295 + VAT (if applicable)

For that problem that's nagging you right now, we can get on the phone (or Zoom, or Meet) and thrash out your options. At the end of the call, you'll get a document with my feedback and a set of action steps.

Often this call can be the spark that helps you get clarity on much bigger problems. If our working relationship develops, I'll refund the cost of the call on your next invoice. Call it a "I'm not sure how much help I need yet guarantee", catchy right?

Please select the "I'd like to book a paid consultancy call" option when completing my quick survey.

Short Term Engagement

Starting from £1,550 + VAT (if applicable)

Some problems require us to dig a little deeper. After all, there's only so much you can cover on a single hour-long call. For those bigger problems that keep nagging away at you or the ones that find their way onto your to-do list but never get crossed off, I offer a short term engagement option. Together we'll define and refine the issue until the solution and plan become clear.

Typically short-term engagements are delivered in under four weeks, with a fixed price and a pre-agreed set of deliverables such as a report, strategy outline, or workshop.

Consultancy Retainer

Starting from £1,125 + VAT (if applicable) per month

In addition to discrete one-off projects, I regularly work with clients on an on-going basis. This option is ideal for those of you who value expert external input on a regular cadence but don't have a pressing issue right now. Rather, you know that things could be improved and developed with help.

We'll meet each week for an hour (never less, often more) and work through a hit list of your priorities covering everything from your business and marketing plan to your team development. In between, I'm available via email and a dedicated Slack channel just for you.

Weekly 1-1 Coaching

£1,175 + VAT (if applicable) per month

Being at Shopify during their explosive growth years gave me an insider's view of how the ecosystem developed. It allowed me to work closely with many of the most successful and respected agency owners and app developers in the business. Today I'm able to use these insights to help drive you, and your Shopify focused business forward.

Coaching sessions tend to be higher level, less about the specifics of a campaign or a product feature, and more about you, your challenges, and your success. I work with no more than four coaching clients at a time. In between our weekly sessions, you can easily get in touch via email or our dedicated Slack channel.

I am happy to share more about my coaching service face to face — if you're interested let's connect and book in a call.

I'm Interested — What's Next?

If you're ready to start transforming your business do me a quick favour and complete my five minute survey. It's designed to help me understand you, your business, and the challenges you are facing. After receiving your answers I'll get back to you to book a time to discuss how I can help.

I'm Ready — Let's Go!