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I help Shopify focused agencies, app developers, and technology partners attract new customers, build their reputations, and grow profitable businesses

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Unsure How to Grow your Shopify Focused Business?

You create great apps, you offer great services and know you can be better than the rest but you are stuck in a rut. Your days (and evenings) are spent developing or building great ecommerce apps and stores but you just can’t seem to find time to work on building and growing your business.

You know you having a marketing and business strategy will help but despite reading a huge stack of recommended books you just don’t know where to start. You’re too close to the problem and would value an expert outside opinion.

After 6+ years working at Shopify I am now dedicated to helping Shopify focused businesses attract new customers, build their reputations, and grow profitable businesses by offering the following consulting and coaching services:

Learn how I can help your Shopify focussed business by reserving a complimentary 30–minute consultation today.

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Attract New Customers

We'll identify what makes your business special and create an in–depth, research–focused roadmap that will give you a fresh perspective on how to articulate this to your clients and customers.

Build Your Reputation

Your agency, app, or theme may be best in class but in a crowded market it's more important than ever to tell people how great you are! We'll demonstrate your unique expertise and value with a stragegy that is right for you.

Grow Profitable Businesses

With over 20 years experience working in technology, web, and SaaS foucsed businesses I'll bring insight and value to your business strategy, help with your growth and hiring plans, and work with you to propell your business forward.

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Learn how I can help your Shopify focused business by booking a complimentary 1–to–1 30–minute consultation. We'll take a close look at your current buiness and marketing strategy, discuss your ambitions, and identify opportunities to help you get there.

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Photo of Gavin Ballard, CEO of Disco

Keir has been instrumental to the success of our business in the Shopify ecosystem. Whether editing my book The Definitive Guide to Shopify Themes, connecting us to people in his vast network, or developing creative marketing strategies, he's been a pleasure to work with.Gavin Ballard — CEO, Disco

Image of Union Works Logo

Keir is an absolute pleasure to work with and never fails to surprise us with the depth of his skillset and the reach of his network. His understanding of the opportunities and challenges presented by the Shopify Partner Ecosystem is invaluable and attests to his involvement in the pouring of its very foundations. His keen eye for the 'real' information and the key objectives for success have helped us to focus and streamline how we operate, market and support our apps.Union Works — Shopify App Developers

Photo of Courtney Symons, Chief Writer, Office of the CEO Shopify

Keir has an incredible knack for building relationships with colleagues, business partners, and specific audiences. He led massively successful international campaigns using his talents in content creation, marketing, and creative ideation. His industry connections, thought leadership, and strategic intuition make him an invaluable asset when it comes to building a brand that resonates.Courtney Symons — Chief Writer, Office of the CEO Shopify

Photo of Ross Beyeler, COO of Trellis

I've had the pleasure of collaborating with Keir over the past few years on a number of projects including blog posts, podcasts, classes, events and more. His expertise, guidance and humor related to all things e-commerce and technology has made every one of these experiences both successful and a delight.Ross Beyeler — COO, Trellis

Photo of Cat Hunter, Ecommerce Content Specialist

Having collaborated for the best part of a decade, I can wholeheartedly recommend Keir to those of you looking for level-headed industry advice and expert guidance. Keir has a remarkable knack of clarifying situations in a way that helps you see solutions for yourself, meaning his support often extends far beyond his original engagement.Cat Hunter — Ecommerce Content Specialist