Keir Whitaker

Tuesday 16 June 2020

Milk Bottle Podcast: Shopify Reunite

At the end of May, we should have all been gathering Shopify Unite 2020 in Toronto. However, due to the global pandemic this was replaced with a livestream event which I was privileged to take part in. Post-event Keith and I got together to discuss the big announcements and their implications for the future of Shopify and it’s customers

Here’s what is discussed in this episode:

  • I am Milk Bottle’s record holder for the most appearances on the podcast!
  • Reunite
  • Shopify Balance
  • Shopify Pay Instalments
  • Zapiet
  • Not all announcements should be seen as a threat for developers as there can be an opportunity
  • Food — Shopify tapping into food vendors
  • Native Subscriptions
  • Recharge — it’s not just a tick box
  • Feature custom domains — a vanity url?
  • New online store design — Sections Everywhere
  • Shopify Email

Thanks again to Keith for having me back (again) on the show — it was a blast. You can find other episodes in their podcast archive.

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