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Are You a Solo Founder?

Tuesday 01 November 2022

Over the last decade and more, I’ve met hundreds of people I would consider solo founders. However, many of them would never refer to themselves as such.

Perhaps it’s the “startup” connotations of the word. Perhaps they see themselves more as an entrepreneur or someone who has “simply” started a business. This naming/title thing isn’t easy — is it?

For example, some of my clients refer to themselves as the “Owner”, the “Principal”, the “Director”, or a “Consultant”. Regardless they all possess similar characteristics that I believe are the essence of a Solo Founder. These include:

  • You founded and run your own business pretty much full-time
  • You started your business as you wanted to do your thing — your way
  • You are the principal decision-maker in your business
  • You are responsible for the strategic direction of your business
  • You use contractors and may, in time, hire people to handle specific parts of your business
  • You direct your client, not the other way round (or you’re working towards achieving this)

I work with clients who encompass most, if not all, of these traits.

If you’re an entrepreneur, consultant, owner or principal, then maybe I can help you too. Just let it be known I might accidentally call you a Solo Founder!

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