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I'm Keir Whitaker. You'll find my latest blog articles on The Engine Room. I also publish an email newsletter for digital workers and co-host the web industry focused podcast The Back to Front Show. You'll also find me on Twitter and Instagram.

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Ouch! We Appear to Have a Problem. In the trade we call this error page a 404 — it's a page not found error message. It could be me, a bad link, a dodgy piece of code or there's an off chance it's you — did you enter the URL right in the address bar? Either way let's not waste this opportunity.

You have a few options, you could head back to the home page, read an article from my blog or even check out some of my recent work and projects.

Alternatively if you are feeling a little bit daring you could spend two minutes and watch the instructional, and dare I say educational, video above featuring one of my cultural heroes Mr. Anthony Bourdain make my favourite cocktail — the Negroni. Enjoy!

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