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How They Did It: ShopifyJonathan Cutrell gives an in-depth overview of how the new Shopify site was built

The Back to Front Show #033: Back behind the Yeti’s — Back from our travels we return behind the Yeti's to discuss everything from the hunt for the perfect email app to the sartorial elegance of modern tech CEO's. This episode also features a rather splendid retreat venue only four hours from Spokane.

Goodbye -9999px — A new alternative to a hardy perennial CSS "trick"?

The Berlin Wall “Lichtgrenze”

Berliners have been marking the 25th anniversary of the fall of the city’s Wall with a 15km-long light installation which uses 8000 illuminated balloons to trace the path of where the wall once stood — a stunning reminder of a divided city.

The Back to Front Show #032: The Club Sandwich Special — Due to logistical issues Kieran was unable to join the party today. Thankfully Marc and Ben from Neutron Creations kindly joined me for a chat over lunch (literally). This week we discuss the recent conference in Cardiff put together by our good friend Mr. Craig Lockwood.

2015 Calendar — Beautiful wall calendars designed by independent Stockholm based designer Erik Olovsson and shipped worldwide

Basecamp Meetup — For a company that thrives on remote working Basecamp have one of the nicest offices I have seen.

Seeing Past the Highlight Reel — A great post by Rachel Andrew on A List Apart:

I am not the sort of person who "airs her dirty laundry in public." I wouldn’t walk into a mixed group of friends, colleagues, and complete strangers at a party and announce something deeply personal, and so it is with Twitter. For me, Twitter is a place to chat, a replacement for the Telnet Talkers I was so fond of in the 1990s. I share things I think are interesting, I keep up with what people I know are doing, but I see it as a public place.

The Back to Front Show #031: Live with a Flat White — This week Kieran joins us live via a pair of Apple headphones from Coffee #1. Complete with baristas creating flat whites and the chitter chatter of remote workers typing away we throw audio fidelity to the wind and freestyle over a few links from Keir's web site.

Shipping Container Spaces — Creative uses of the humble shipping container on the invision blog