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Grow Your Agency and Make Money with Shopify

I spend a lot of my time chatting to freelancers and agencies about the benefits of working with Shopify. Of course I am biased but if you would like to hear it from the horse’s mouth, in other words from someone who isn’t employed at Shopify this under two-minute video explains all the benefits of the Partner Program.

The Action Cook Book

Len Deighton's Action Cook Book was published in 1965
Len Deighton's Action Cook Book was published in 1965

Over the last few years I have become a fan of “cold war spy fiction”— in particular those written by Len Deighton. It all started on a trip to France four years ago when the holiday let had the first book in the Bernard Samson Game, Set & Match trilogy. Since then I’ve consumed the two follow-up trilogies as well as numerous one off stories.

My first encounter with Len Deighton was via the anti-Bond thriller “The Ipcress File” starring Michael Caine. Filmed in 1965 with a John Barry score and great “Swinging 60’s” London locations it, along with it’s sequel “Funeral in Berlin“, remains one of my favourite spy films.

Unusually for a mid 60’s film Harry Palmer is seen enjoying buying, cooking and talking about food rather a lot. On further reading it’s clear why — Len Deighton was a top food writer prior to turning his attention to Cold War espionage. — Read full Article »

StartUp — A new podcast about what happens when someone who knows nothing about business starts one. With Alex Blumberg from This American Life & Planet Money.

The Back to Front Show #027: Around the Web — It's a Thursday so that can only mean another episode of The Back to Front Show is out for your listening pleasure. Along with some fine web chat and productivity hacks this week we discuss whether Fonzie living about the garage of the Cunningham's house was in any way creepy. I also manage to inadvertently open up a competition to win one of the 2014 Shopify Partner team t-shirts designed by Mike Kus.

Type Safari with James Victore — James and his chauffeur driven US Army Jeep take us on a tour of Brooklyn and Queens looking at, talking about and trying to make sense of the type they find on the street (via Typecast newsletter)

The DeLorean Story — A BBC production from a few years ago which charts the rise and fall of the DeLoeran Motor Company and the infamous DMC 12

6 1/2 Magic Hours — A lovely promotional film from 1958 advertising the Pan Am Jet Clipper Service from New York to London and Paris. I am fascinated by the era known as the "Jet Age" and there's some lovely footage of on-board life in the late 1950's in the film. It's certainly different to today.

MagCozy™ — MagCozy™ holds your MagSafe 2 Converter snugly and attaches to computer cords, Apple Cinema displays, key rings, and zipper pulls (found on Subtraction)

The Business of Web Design: Experiences – Volume 1 — Earlier this year Joel Hughes asked me to contribute to an upcoming book he was releasing to coincide with his The Business of Web Design event. It's a great read and you can buy it now for £9.99. Other contributors include Pete Seymour, Liz Elcoate, Phil Murphy, Christian Senior, Danny Bluestone, Kristina Auckland, Simon Jones, Jack Barber, Jamie Huskisson, Katie Cory, Matt Newton, Kelly Molson, Steve Kirtley, Darren Beale, Kirsty Bourgoine, Alex Brooke, Shane Hudson, Richard Askew, Dan Davies, Caroline Smith, Andy Robinson, Craig Francis and Matt Hill.

How Not to Offend a Canadian — One for my colleagues at Shopify HQ!