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Smallpdf — All the PDF tools you could wish for in one easy to use web site (via The Modern Desk)

RWD Podcast — A Shopify focused edition with Shopify Front End Development Lead Monika Piotrowicz, Karen McGrane and Ethan Marcotte

The Hoffice — Nice little promo video by Switch. They don't have an office, they have a Hoffice — it's a house/office.

Meet Finch — Recommended and demoed by Harry Roberts during my recent trip to York Finch is a great addition to your dev toolkit and workflow. It allows you to test your local websites across multiple devices, share them with your team and get feedback from your clients through a secure, public URL.

Highbrow — Bite-sized email courses delivered to your inbox daily including courses on art, productivity, startups and more — Every airport has a unique three-letter IATA code. Some make sense if you know the city or the name of the airport and others, well, don't! This site goes behind the letters and explains their origins.

LEGO Hipsters — At the recently concluded Copenhagen Fashion Week this year, LEGO created limited edition figurines to represent the everyday Danish hipster

Wheelhouse — A collection of freelancer-created products that take the risk out of buying services such as website design

nuSchool — Great collection of free and paid lessons for designers who freelance

Made By: Chris Coyier — In Envato's latest “Made By:” episode they feature Chris Coyier, best known for CSS-Tricks, CodePen and the Shop Talk Show podcast. It's an open and honest insight into his daily life.