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The Back to Front Show #038: The Joys & Perils of Remote Working — In a change to the announced billing an impromptu early morning phone call made us think a chat about remote working might be in order. As many of us fight the January blues, and inevitable bout of illness that the new year often brings, it felt a timely opportunity to discuss the good, and the bad, aspects of working from a distance.

Podcast FastTrack — A service that allows you to outsource all aspects of your podcast production, including show notes, leaving you to concentrate on the content.

The Back to Front Show #037: Around the Web — Happy 2015! We are back for the new year with a look at four links that caught our attention over the holiday season. We also spill the beans on some of the topics we’ll be covering this year — in particular a series of discussions called #12ideas.

Thinking of Going Nomadic? — An interesting take on the challenges of going truly nomadic

With this article I’m touching the tip of the iceberg on the reality of what stands between you as a digital professional and your desired lifestyle. About myself: I am a UX designer, digital nomad and founder of What’s It Like. I’m inspired to be part of the growing #Nomad community, I work on the road for more than 5 years now and I’ve been working on What’s It Like from Southeast Asia, South America and Europe.

Upload Shopify themes from GitHub or Bitbucket — A new free service from the folks at Beanstalk that allow you to deploy Shopify themes from a Git or Bitbucket repo

Shopify Myth #03: There’s a Steep Learning Curve

Learning Shopify theme building only takes a few hours
Learning Shopify theme building only takes a few hours

Over the last two and a half years I have run numerous technical workshops focusing on Shopify theme building. One of the most pleasing responses after the session has finished is always “it’s much easier than I thought it would be”.

It’s of course fair to say that learning any new platform/tool/”thing” involves sitting down and putting in a few hours to get started. It’s entirely natural to feel a little uncomfortable at first – especially when it comes to web design and code. Consequently it’s always nice to find out that somethings are easier than others.

Key Concepts

One of the things that you need to learn when starting out with Shopify are a number of key concepts. These mainly centre around products and collections. Once you understand that everything revolves around a product and how you can categorise it everything begins to fall into place. Getting to grips with these key concepts will take between 30 mins to one hour.
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The Back to Front Show #036: The 2014 BAFTAS — It’s that time of the year when we look back on the past 12 months and dish out our (cough, cough) highly prized awards! This year in the 2014 BAFTAS we have eight categories and round off the show with a little bit of crystal ball gazing in which we both make our predictions for 2015.

Bold AppsBold Apps has 14 apps live on the Shopify App Store, consistently in the top rankings, and many more in development. Following the focus of "How can we make the store owner more money?", the range of apps Bold has created allows stores to bundle, price, promote and build their products in more engaging ways.

The Back to Front Show #035: That VAT Thing — This week Keir tries to speak “Somerset” and no surprises for guessing the outcome of that one. Once that’s done and dusted we take a look at the rise in Markdown based writing apps, examine a new ebook service from Liberio, try and fail to work out the implications of the new EU VAT place of supply rule for digital services and finally round it out with a chat about at a new comms tool.

The Back to Front Show #034: Hacker not Cracker — We are back once again (albeit a few days weeks late). Illness, travel and house moves put things on hold but we’ll be back in full force in the run up to the holiday season. This week we welcome in our new logo courtesy of Sean Johnson and pick out four links and topical stories we found of interest over the last few weeks.