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A Look Inside the Design Team at Typekit — I really enjoy the articles on the InVision blog, even more so when you happen to know the folks being interviewed. Bristol friends can surely recognise the locations.

Designing the Home Page Last — Great post from my friends at fffunction. It's probably the hardest page to design first.

WordPress Custom Post Type Admin Menu Icons — A great article on how to use Dashicons in the WordPress admin area for personalising the custom post type menu

Map Brush — An easy way to create postcards of your favourite Instagram moments. Really nicely done but I am a bit of a sucker for maps. — An online tool for reducing the size of your images and photos

Appointments by Square — Although it might not be that new this is the first time I have read about it squares "Appointments" application. I can see this being useful for a lot of appointment based companies.

50 Tips for Starting Your Own Company — A quick and useful hit list of things to consider when starting your own company most of which can be taken on board regardless of your industry

Why Web Designers Should Embrace Ecommerce — A short post on Creative Market by me on why it's time web designers should consider adding ecommerce skills to their services list

The Ecommerce Customer Lifecycle – Episode 1: Acquisition

A new podacst focusing on ecommerce
A new podacst focusing on ecommerce

Whilst it’s been a while since Kieran and I got behind the microphones for The Back to Front Show (we’ll be back in September) I haven’t been idle on the audio front.

A New Ecommerce Podcast

Earlier this month I sat down and chatted with Shopify Expert and founder of Growth Spark Ross Beyeler to record the first of a four (maybe five) part series called “The Ecommerce Customer Lifecycle“. Here’s Ross with the background:
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Shopify theme settings file generator — Gavin Ballard has released a Grunt plugin that greatly simplifies Shopify theme setting management which should come in very handy