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Hello! I'm Keir Whitaker. I work at Shopify in the role of Designer Advocate. I also co-host The Back to Front Show — a web & tech focused podcast. Find out more about me and my recent projects.

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Print is Dead, Long Live Print

Digest: A new large format magazine
Digest: A new large format magazine

At the beginning of the year Elliot and I sat down and worked out a 2013 plan for Viewport Industries — the company we formed almost two years ago to run our events through and to forward some of our product ideas.

Last year was all about Insites: The Book but with other work (Shopify and TypeKit) keeping us happily busy we knew time would be tight so we did the unthinkable – we scaled back and committed to less projects. So far we are on track to complete them all, which is a great and unusual feeling. — Read full Article »