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The Back to Front Show #031: Live with a Flat White — This week Kieran joins us live via a pair of Apple headphones from Coffee #1. Complete with baristas creating flat whites and the chitter chatter of remote workers typing away we throw audio fidelity to the wind and freestyle over a few links from Keir's web site.

Shipping Container Spaces — Creative uses of the humble shipping container on the invision blog

Grilled Cheezus — Chef Amy Stonionis of Murray's Cheese Bar breaks down the golden rules of grilled cheese perfection, and gives five tried-and-true combos that totally swag it out.

Insites: The Book is now Free

Insites: The Book is now free to download
Insites: The Book is now free to download

In early September Elliot and I announced that we were shutting down Viewport Industries. One consequence of doing so is that we no longer have an official entity to sell our products through. So we thought it would be fun to make the digital version of Insites: The Book available for free.

It’s actually been free via the holding page on the VI web site for some time but I now realise that neither of us mentioned it. So if you would like to grab a free digital bundle of Insites: The Book you can. — Read full Article »

WP Desk — "Problems with WordPress? Give the stress of tweaking, managing and updating your WordPress site to someone else."

Am I Responsive? — This has been out for a while but I stupidly never fully checked it out until recently. Once you have loaded your site be sure to click and drag the different devices around!

Cast Feed Validator — A highly useful service for podcasters which not only validates your feed but also highlights things you can do to improve them

MAMP Pro Apache Failed to Start on OS X Yosemite — Thanks to Richard Wiggins for this link. A quick renaming of the ennvars file and your MAMP install will be back to normal.

Print media queries not working? — Long story short check your media attribute if your print css isn't being applied

BizCraft Episode 43: Let’s Talk about Time — Carl Smith (@carlsmith) of nGen Works and Gene Crawford (@genecrawford) of UnmatchedStyle chat about managing your time on a life level, saying no to things and how to get things going. They also discuss some of the topics around my article on specialising