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8 Online Payment Options That Aren’t PayPal — Some new options I hadn't heard of. The article concludes that we should still offer PayPal just in addition to alternative payment solutions

3 Steps to Building a Platform for Strong Customer Relationships — Ross Beyeler of Growth Spark on ecommerce customer dashboards

the_content() ignores more tag — How to solve the problem of the more tag being overlooked when displaying posts on a "static" page in WordPress

Ecommerce Page Load Times — A recent report of the top 500 retail websites found that pages are growing bigger and slower. The median top 100 ecommerce page now takes 6.2 seconds to render primary content!

The Anatomy of Women’s Tech Roles At Shopify — Interviews with Lynsey Thornton, director of UX research; Monika Piotrowicz, front end development lead and Vanessa Sabino, data analysis team lead at Shopify

.DS_Store and Git — Having just set up a new repo and totally forgotten to set up my .gitignore file this came in very handy

Second Wednesday

Second Wednesday: A great monthly meetup in Nottingham
Second Wednesday: A great monthly meetup in Nottingham

Earlier this week I headed up to Nottingham for the first Shopify for Designers workshop of the year followed by a short talk at the excellent Second Wednesday event.

Chris and Lucy did an amazing job organising the workshop and taking care of all the logistics. Antenna proved a great setting and accommodated 50 of us for the afternoon. It’s pretty unusual to get a full house for a workshop, often you get a few no shows, so it was great to see 50 people turn up. Chris clearly has a persuasive charm! — Read full Article »

MK Geek Night All Dayer 2014

MK Geek Night: All Dayer
MK Geek Night: All Dayer

Back in January I headed up to Milton Keynes for the first MK Geek Night All Dayer. Richard and David have been hosting their evening meetup for sometime now. They were even kind enough to invite me along last year to speak. If you are interested the write up of my session on Google Page Speed is available in the archive. — Read full Article »

Show and Tell

Viewport Industries and fffucntion Show and Tell
Viewport Industries and fffucntion Show and Tell

Last Friday we held our first Viewport Industries and fffunction Show and Tell session in Clifton, Bristol. I have known Adam, Ben and Pete for a while now and one of the two ffunction offices is just down the road in Bristol. It seemed silly that the only time we met up was at events like Brooklyn Beta – well off home turn. We decided to change that and got a date in the diary earlier this year to meet up. — Read full Article »

Big Cup Little Cup

Big Cup Little Cup: Coffee Pods
Big Cup Little Cup: Coffee Pods

Earlier this year Joe at Big Cup Little Cup dropped me a note and asked if I would like to try out their new range of premium coffee blends for the Nespresso. Sadly I don’t own a compatiable machine but my good friend Tim Greeley does. He kindly sampled the pods and wrote up his thoughts below. — Read full Article »