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Free Student Passes for Handheld 2013

Last year, I received an email from Craig Lockwood enquiring as to whether I would like to participate in a web and mobile focused conference he was thinking of hosting in Cardiff in November called “Handheld.”

I readily agreed, not least because it was on my doorstep, but mainly as supporting an affordable conference outside of London is always good to do. The conference day itself was a lot of fun, and included some very memorable sessions. The layout of the venue made it feel very inclusive – a nice bi-product of the room Craig chose for the day. Roll on 12 months and Handheld is returning for its second year. This year, however, it’s grown quite considerably. — Read full Article »

Digest: The Motivation

Digest: Now on sale
Digest: Now on sale

I talked recently about Digest, the new large format magazine Elliot and I (under our Viewport Industries banner) have produced, and wanted to follow up that post with a little bit of the back story to it’s birth and the motivation that drove us to do yet more print.

It’s fair to say that magazines are one of my vices. I subscribe to a lot and buy many more. I’ve always loved them from a very early age. Growing up in the pre internet age magazines (at least to me) and newspapers said as much about a person as the music they listened to or the clothes they wore. — Read full Article »

Print is Dead, Long Live Print

Digest: A new large format magazine
Digest: A new large format magazine

At the beginning of the year Elliot and I sat down and worked out a 2013 plan for Viewport Industries — the company we formed almost two years ago to run our events through and to forward some of our product ideas.

Last year was all about Insites: The Book but with other work (Shopify and TypeKit) keeping us happily busy we knew time would be tight so we did the unthinkable – we scaled back and committed to less projects. So far we are on track to complete them all, which is a great and unusual feeling. — Read full Article »

Automatic Responsive Images in WordPress

Automattic Responsive Images
Automattic Responsive Images

NB: This article was originally posted to the Viewport Industries blog which, along with the company, is no longer active. This is just one approach that worked well a couple of years ago. Some of the ideas explained here, especially around manipulating images in WordPress are still relevant but with the advancement of the picture element and srcset there are plenty of other options open to help serve images in a responsive setting.

As mentioned in our first post (now offline) we wanted to try out a few relatively new techniques on this (the Viewport Industries) site, the main one being the inclusion of Josh Emerson’s Responsive-Enhance script to serve responsive images. — Read full Article »